Name Description
DELICIOUS! Overall taste and pleasure.
Appetizers Quality, variety and portion.
Entrées Quality, variety and portion.
Desserts Quality, variety and portion.
CORDIAL! Overall service, promptness, cordiality.
Hosting Reception, ushering, promptness.
Waiter Ordering, service and timing.
Speed Waiting, food, billing.
VALUE! Overall price per experience and service.
Portion Quantity, variety, satisfaction.
Variety Complete, balanced and full palette.
Satisfied Good options, made to order, substitutions.
CLEAN! Overall cleanness feeling.
Plating & Presentation Plate layout, food presentation, integrity.
Tables & Counters Environment cleanness.
Bathrooms Supplied, clean, accessible.
COMFORTABLE! Overall comfort feeling.
Seating Other attractions, performance, art.
Music/Noise Background / foreground sound.
SEXY HOT! Exciting, flirty, socializing.
CLASSY! Sophisticated, affluent, fancy.
UNPLEASANT! Overall bad experience, not recommended.
LOVED IT! Overall positive experience, recommended.
TRENDY! Hip, popular, exciting.
ROMANTIC! Intimate, private, quaint.
Billing Quickness, convenience, timing.
Customized Special requests, diet, substitutions.
Easy Easy understanding of choices, specials, prices.
Staff Staff demeanor, work disposition, costumer service.
Safe Safe, relaxing, assuring.
Romantic Intimate, arousing, food for love.
Stimulated Active, energetic, raising.
Impressed Mesmerizing, awesome, captivating,
Genuine Differentiated, genuine, special.
Rip-off Not worthy, over-hyped, over-priced.
Satisfied Totally worthy, great deal, real.
Noisy Too loud, unable to converse, chaotic.
Regretful Repugnant, regretful, unbearable.
Unfamiliar Unfamiliar, dark, exposed.
Loved it! Great job, thank you, see you soon.
Fashionable Comfort, position, access, view.